Small ship expedition cruising

Small ship expedition cruising


It is an exceptional experience at sea that is why I took interest in the small ship expedition cruise. Frome the awe inspiring Galapagos to the iceberg scattered icebergs of the Antarctica I just loved this small ship expedition cruise. I undertook this expedition with a tie up with Lindblad Expeditions. They are responsible for taking anyone to the most remote of places that are pristine in looks anywhere on the planet. There are a team of experts on board the ship as one enters it. The experts are photographers, researchers, marine biologists, historians and naturalists. Being in the company of such elite people one can feel absolutely safe and can be well relaxed for the adventure. One can reach such places that one would not imagine by road. One can travel by Zodiac to reach the most remote islands.


In each itinerary there is a certain flexibility which is maintained so that one can take part in spontaneous opportunities that can arise as per the situation, like even participating at a local function on an island.  The ships that are used can navigate through narrow waterways, rugged coasts and small harbours. These small ships can take one to such places where the big ships cannot reach. Also it takes one to as close to nature. All this is possible by using a kayak or snorkel. Small ship cruises really embark you on a journey of a lifetime. One can go as far as one has never gone. At the same time one can enjoy the comfort and style on these small ships.

GC_Australia_WA_Horizontal Falls_Passengers in a Zodiac_APT_IMG_7489_LRSoft Expeditions:  One can tailor the level of excitement on a soft expedition tour. It can combine both gentle and active excursions. In such expedition the ship will dock only at centrally located areas. However there will be an occasional use of the Zodiac. In expedition cruise there is more active use of the cruise and also of the Zodiac. One can enjoy remote destinations that are of the beaten path. One can spend the day discovering the world’s best wonders and then return to the style and comfort of the ship and feel like it is a home away from home.

Small Group Experience:

GC_Australia_WA_OceanicDiscoverer_5159 19_LR One can also combine your trip with other like minded travellers and this will give you a much more enjoyable experience. With few more like minded travellers the trip becomes more personalized. One can relax in the lounge with new friends and get to learn their stories and experiences. The staffs provide an astonishing insight into the wildlife and history of each region with a range of exciting presentations. They will be through with you around the clock and the price is very low. One needs to unpack just once and then enjoy the floating boutique hotel. Each enjoyable trip takes one to iconic destinations. Discover unforgettable destinations as one can travel through comfort and style. One can wake up at a new location each morning and be absolutely ready to tour the new place with full energy and vigour.